The Future of Farming and Fresh Food

Welcome to Verti-Grow Farms.
Local. Organic. Healthy. "It's For Life"

Verti-Grow Farm’s mission is to bring fresher, healthier foods to people in communities of all sizes. We wish to do so with the most efficient, cleanest, and newest techniques within the industry. In addition to growing wonderful foods, we also wish to teach others the changes that this new wave of farming is bringing to the way food is being made today.




Why Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming is the practice of growing produce in vertically stacked layers, with the use of specific LED light panels and regulated watering and nutrition systems. The practice can use soil, hydroponic or aeroponic growing methods. No pesticides or herbicides are used in the farming process. This has earned it an organic status, as approved by the FDA.  Vertical farms attempt to produce food in challenging environments, such as where farmable land is rare or unavailable. Vertical gardening allows farmers with less land and capital to compete with “mega-farms”. The amount of natural resources vertical farms save versus traditional farms, is staggering.

  • Vertical Farming Provides Local Access To Fresh Food
  • Vertical Farming Promotes Neighborhood Building and Strengthening
  • Vertical Farming Optimizes Crop Productivity Per Unit Watt of Power
  • Vertical Farming Promotes Environmental and Economic Sustanability
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