About Verti-Grow Farms

Vertical Farming is the practice of growing produce in vertically stacked layers, with the use of specific LED light panels, and regulated watering and nutrition systems. The practice can use soil, hydroponic, or aeroponic growing methods. No pesticides or herbicides are used in the farming process. This has earned Verti-Grow Farms it’s organic status, from the FDA.

Vertical farms attempt to produce food in environments where farmable land is usually rare or unavailable. Vertical farming allows farmers with less land and capital to compete with “mega-farms”. The amount of natural resources vertical farms save versus traditional farms, is staggering. As a business, vertical farming has consistent production 52 weeks a year. Vertical farms can be created in almost any part of the country. Many farms repurpose old buildings which had been vacant. The local jobs it creates in the community are a great result as well. From the construction to the building conversions to the day to day operations, the labor force in the local area receives an immediate boost. The end product is a competitively priced, locally grown, healthy alternative to foods shipped in from other parts of the world. Vertical Farming is a growing business and is respected as a wave of change.

Verti-Grow Farms is a midwest based indoor, organic farm. Its 1st location is established in Kentucky. After meeting the Master Grower, Jim Bloom, Verti-Grow Farms director Ross Shively, (see bios for both), started learning as much as he could about the industry. Verti-Grow Farms uses cutting-edge techniques of hydroponics, nutritional, and humidity systems in the production of its products. In addition to a 50,000+ sq. ft. historic building located in Falmouth, Kentucky; the surrounding acreage is being developed for growing facilities. The location, which was a small high school, will now be a state of the art farming facility.

Ross and his team are adding over 35,000 sq. ft. in greenhouse production next to the building. A permanent outdoor structure will be built on the property to be used as either a seasonal farmers market for the town, a picnic area for tourism visitors, or by the community at large. Verti-Grow will be selling fresh, local food to regional retailers for years to come. Including a wide array of vine products, greens, herbs, and mushrooms. With an estimated 35 full-time jobs, Verti-Grow is pumping life into a small rural town which has happily accepted the business relationship with Ross Shively.

From private money investments, grants, and tax credits, to low-interest, long-term financing through the Department of Agriculture; the structure for this deal set up by Ross is a top performer. Jim Bloom has been securing multi-million dollar revenue streams from giants such as Dole Foods, Kroger Grocers, Meijer Foods, and more. The retail giants listed above love buying fresher foods regionally and have made comments such as; “you can’t grow enough lettuce for us!” This will be Jim’s 4th indoor growing project in the past 8 years.

Verti-Grow Farms and the Future

Verti-Grow Farm’s goal is to expand with similar locations in the years to come. Verti-Grow Farms is looking to Ohio for our next venture. With Jim handling a large facility in Indiana we will soon be covering the Tri-State area of the Ohio River Valley. Providing the freshest, healthiest foods at a competitive cost, and improving communities and economies, while providing a strong investment opportunity is our goal.

Agriculture is the 5th fastest growing form of tourism in the United States right now. We plan on a constant flow of people to our facilities. As we grow, our website will have informational videos and demonstrations of our process.

Our Team

Team Members

Ross Shively


Ross is a fulltime real estate investor from Cincinnati, Ohio and the bulk of his investments are in the Ohio River valley area.  Ross’s family has generations of roots to…

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Team Members

Jim Bloom


James R. Bloom is currently working as the Ag Services Director of Healthy Roots, LLC. This is an adaptive reuse of a 300,000 square foot warehouse. Jim is heading a…

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Chris Baldwin


Chris is from Boulder, Colorado and studied economics and marketing at the University of Kansas. Soon after college, he met Verti-Grow Farms Director, Ross Shively. After various sales and marketing…

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