Educational Offerings

The Falmouth, KY location for Verti-Grow Farms, L.L.C. will have a great educational aspect.  “Agri-tourism” has become the 5th fastest growing opportunity for the tourism industry.  As the industry of vertical farming advances, so does the interest of the general population.  “What is Vertical Farming? How does it work? Is this better for the environment and food industry?”  These questions will be answered by scheduled group tours of our facility.  People of ages ranging from children to elderly will be able to come in, learn of the organic process, benefits, and changes to the food industry that companies like Verti-Grow Farms are making.

Visitors can come in and walk the facility, in a safe, guided tour and see how the indoor, hydroponics process grows healthier food, year round.  The tours will even allow our visitors to plant their own produce. Plus they’ll be able to watch how fast it grows from their location with time-lapse cameras.  Verti-Grow Farms is committed to educating independent farmers on the industry opportunities, not only tours but a constant update of industry news, trends, and tips through our social media pages.  The traditional farmer will be able to learn how they can enter this industry and better their business in this growing, competitive field.  There will be opportunities for colleges within the region to have practical class applications within the facility.  Schools from agriculture to business will be able to learn about the process, state and federal aid offered to the industry.

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